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Let's Break the Record for Women Voting!

Vision2020Votes is a national, nonpartisan effort to get more women than ever registered and voting in the 2020 elections.

There's no better way to increase the power of women's voices in decisions that affect society, and to honor the suffragists who won the fight for women's right to vote 100 years ago.

Why do so many people who have registered, signaling their intention to vote, not carry through? In too many cases, life gets in the way. They're busy, miss the mail-in deadline, don't know where to go, don't have transportation, don't have a babysitter, etc.

People who intend to vote are far more likely to overcome these barriers if they join a team of people they know who all commit to voting, make a plan to vote, and are encouraged, rewarded and reminded at key points along the way.

That's what happens when you sign up with Vision2020Votes and invite others to join your team.

Vision2020Votes is an initiative of Vision 2020, a national women’s equality coalition headquartered at Drexel University’s  Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership. Vision 2020 is working with Motivote an independent company that has developed a digital platform that works toward the increase of voter turnout. Motivote is not a Drexel owned or affiliated entity.